Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Nostalgia is the thing that makes you hate changes. Because you remember that long ago things were better and now they suck. The thing is you usually just remember the good things about stuff and forgot the bad thing. Example when you played game 10 years ago, all you can remember how good the game was and how you beat the final boss. What you don't remember is how you spend 4 hours trying to beat the boss with tears in your eyes. I downloaded loads of old ps1 games because of nostalgia only to notice that they sucked. It's simple as a kid everything were much funnier and you usually enjoyed those games because they had flashy stuff in it. Some of things might have been better long time ago, but most of them isn't. What would you do without your computer or how would you like to watch tv from 10 inch screen. We just keep everything we have now granted and keep looking back because we think everything was better then.


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Your point of view.

How is it that usually when arguing with people instead of talking about facts it turns into talking what is they'rs point of view? Example when talking with somebody they start telling how they saw or heard something and think it as fact that proves they are right. When in reality they only see small fraction what really is happening. It's like id say i saw black man robbing someone, i would think all black men were robbers. Just because something happened to you doesn't make it a fact nor does it make it true. In most cases people just saw fraction what really happens and then stereotype them around to certain group of people or things.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011


You know why did you only few years old electronic item broke down? Because producer of the item created it so that it wouldn't last long. Why you ask? Because more items you need to buy means more items they will sell. Good example is that i still have micro that is 25 years old. How many micros you had past 25 years? There is good reason why electronics are so cheap, it's because they make out of low grade materials. If they made them last, they'r price would sky rocket because you only had to buy one every 10 years. I mean there is light bulb that's lasted over 100 years. If your light bulb would last 100 years they would in order to maintain same profit increase the price to 100 times. Problem isn't that we have to buy more items since it fair, because they sell them at lower price, but problem is that they are wasting natural resources for no good reason. Sure your micro would be 10 pricier, but you would only need 3 your entire life span.


Saturday, April 16, 2011


Let me start off by saying that i was addicted to caffeine for 10 years. Yes im only 18. It's pretty much only drug that is addictive and isn't controlled by any kind of law. I had sleeping problems as kid and now i know why. Im not saying caffeine screw up my life but it had some effect. I think the new energy drinks are good thing. Why? Because they raise awareness off people that caffeine isn't something that kids should drink. Im not saying caffeine is bad thing or that it should be banned, but giving it age limit is something that should be done. Small dose of caffeine raises awareness and makes you more awake, but big doses are addictive and cause withdrawal. In other words caffeine should be k18 like rest of the legal drugs.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Obsession with being right.

Everyone is so obsessed with being right. Doesn't matter wether its in the real life or internet. Everyone have their opinion whats right and wrong, but who really is right? It shows you are objective if you admit your wrong. Why? Because atleast you were able to look things from point of view than your own. Being wrong doesnt mean your stupid, but it shows you can look things from other peoples point of view. Instead of  being so fanatically right you should look things from other people point of view and maybe try to understand them. Admiting that you were wrong shows you truly can put your self in other persons pants.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Only way to make something better is to change it. Thats a fact and it will be always that. It doesn't matter wether you are changing the matter itself or something linked to it, but aslong you change something only then things can turn better. Offcourse it's a fact that changing can be bad thing too, but all you have to do is change it again and again until it turns out like you want it. Thats one of the problems of this century too little change and everything is staying still. Usually the bad way still. If you are afraid of change then you should think is the way that thing is ok with you or not? If it isn't ok then what do you have to lose? Embrace change instead of avoiding it. Remember that you can always change to something else until it turns out good.


Monday, April 11, 2011


Trolls killed the internet arguements. If you ever make any kind of stupid comment all you can do is say you are troll wich then makes other person look stupid. Even thought internet arguements weren't so good in the first not being able to have arguement with other people because they just say they are trolls after losing arguement makes internet quite boring place. No more your able to know who is trolling and who is just stupid.  People should understand that over using trolling makes you unable to have any kind of good arguement over the internet. While i have trolled in the internet, i still do admit when ive been wrong and stupid. Like in the last post moderation people.


Sunday, April 10, 2011


People are obsessed with pretty much anything. Doesnt matter what you do as long you do it too much it turn out to be bad. In example if you drink too much water you will die, even thought drinking water needed. One of the biggest problems people have is taking things too far, wether it be eating too much or eating too little. In order to improve your life all you need is balance and moderation. Try to realize when your going too far and stop it there.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Starting post

First of all let me say that this blog is meant to keep my thoughts of the day in archive.
Today i kept thinking about maths, testing to see how much can i count in my head. Got to 19 ( seriously i googled the word and i got power ) to 6. I noticed how my memory couldnt handle it anymore and i started forgetting numbers wich made me fail at the last one. I was merely wondering that how long you guys can keep counting.( Honestly).