Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Nostalgia is the thing that makes you hate changes. Because you remember that long ago things were better and now they suck. The thing is you usually just remember the good things about stuff and forgot the bad thing. Example when you played game 10 years ago, all you can remember how good the game was and how you beat the final boss. What you don't remember is how you spend 4 hours trying to beat the boss with tears in your eyes. I downloaded loads of old ps1 games because of nostalgia only to notice that they sucked. It's simple as a kid everything were much funnier and you usually enjoyed those games because they had flashy stuff in it. Some of things might have been better long time ago, but most of them isn't. What would you do without your computer or how would you like to watch tv from 10 inch screen. We just keep everything we have now granted and keep looking back because we think everything was better then.